Cascade, Idaho

Written by Jerrica

I feel like I could write a book about our time in Cascade.  Stopping in Cascade to visit Ryan and McKenzie Campbell was planned, but we didn't plan on staying there for 2 weeks.  Our van ran into some issues and we found ourselves waiting for car parts for a few days.  I'm sure we were a major inconvenience to the Campbell family but I felt so lucky we broke down where we did.  I LOVED hanging out with these guys and their 2 sons Nash and Reo.

Cascade is small but offers a lot for the outdoor enthusiast.  Among other things, we surfed at Kelly's Whitewater Park, we mountain biked, we hiked, we visited hot springs, we played in the water, we took Debbie the Ducky on the Payette River (the Cabarton), we rafted Hells Canyon, we made delicious meals in Ryan and McKenzie's amazing house, we had dance parties, we steamed right next to the river, we did LOTS of van repairs and trailer cleaning, and we spent a lot of time hanging out with 2 cool little dudes - Nash and Reo.

One of my favorite moments with Kevin was running the Carbarton.  I think some people don't believe me when I say Kevin is ridiculous... but this video proves it.   Kevin actually hurt his throat from screaming so much on this little river trip, and he had a scratchy throat for a few weeks after the fact.  Serves him right for being such a spaz.  In all seriousness, when we were on Hells Canyon I told Ryan that I have the most fun and feel the most happy with Kevin when we are on the ducky together.  Now you can see why.  I have included a short 1-minute highlight of the Cabarton, but if you're feeling up to it (trust me, it's worth it) check out the full 6 minute video.  You won't regret it.

The Cabarton - Short Version

The Cabarton - Long Version

I wish we had more highlights of the Campbells and of Cascade.  Our short highlight video just doesn't do it justice.