We're off! - - Odometer: 141,551

Odometer: 141,551

Written by Jerrica

I work as a race director for a company who puts on 5k running races across the U.S. and Canada. I had an event in Surrey, British Columbia on Saturday, June 3. The original plan was to get the van ready to drive up to Surrey, work the work, then continue to Alaska from there. We soon realized there simply weren't enough hours to get everything done by June 1 (the date I needed to be in Surrey).

We resorted to Plan B: we get the van ready enough so that Kevin could drive up to Surrey between Jun 1-3, work the race with me, then we head up to Alaska together.  I left for Canada on June 1 and Kevin worked tirelessly to make it up to Canada.  Kevin has lots of help from his dad, roommates, and some amazing neighbors and friends.

In the end, we decided I would fly back home and we would leave Utah together in the van. I flew home Sunday afternoon, June 4, and we left late that evening.  We headed to Bear Lake for the night where we stayed at the Deiber family cabin, and then headed north the next morning.

A shout out goes out to Kevin's dad, Spencer, who spent many many hours welding important pieces for our van and sauna.  Thank you to Sarah and Justin Brown for putting up with constant van/sauna projects all over your house.  Taylor Miller offered an endless fountain of creative ideas and encouragement; even when he had plenty on his own plate he helped Kevin put the van together during those final days leading up to our departure.  And to so many friends, family, and ward members who helped, encouraged, and supported us... thank you thank you thank you!  We feel so lucky to have amazing people standing behind us during our journey.