You Built My Parent's House!

Written by Jerrica

One of the things we look forward to most on this year off is attending church each Sunday and visiting different temples.  We are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  Feel free to ask all the questions you like.

We visited the Anchorage temple today. We were actually late getting there and missed the last endowment session of the day (we left our computer, cameras, and drone on our friend's front porch, so we had to turn around tp get the goods... thus the tardiness). We got to the temple and they were very accommodating, allowing Kevin and me to do initiatories, despite being short on temple workers.  

After initiatories I waited for Kevin in the foyer next to the baptistry.  Kevin walked out shortly and was talking to the temple coordinator, Paul Hatcher.  I could tell they were talking about Utah so I stepped in to be a part of the conversation.  Soon Paul brought up Weber State, the university in my home town.  

"Jerrica is from Ogden," said Kevin.

"Oh ya?" said Paul. "I'm lived in North Ogden for a while."

"Me too. That's where my parents have lived for years." I said.

Paul and I talked a little more about the Ogden area and I asked "So where in North Ogden did you live?"

"I built a house right off 1700 N and 850 E."

"Hey! That's right where my parents live!". I said.

We went on to describe each of our houses... saying things like "the road on the left" and "4 houses down" and "across the street from the church" and "red brick house".  We were giving each other semi-descriptive ideas of where our houses were without giving the exact location. 

Eventually Paul said "Steve Hall lives in my old house now."

Kevin interjected and said "That's Jerrica's dad!"

So there you have it.  Steve Hall is my dad.  I met the guy that built my parent's house in the temple in Anchorage.  It was really fun to meet him and talk to him.  I moved a lot as a kid... upwards of 26 times by the time I was 18 (not an exaggeration), but that house in North Ogden really feels like home because it's been the longest my parent's have been in one place.  It was pretty cool to meet the guy who was responsible for that home, and sort of ironic that I met him while homeless.

When we came out of the temple we found a note on our car from Eva's (my co-worker) parents.  Eva is from Alaska and her parents must have been at the temple and walked out while we were doing initiatories.  I have never met them, but I imagine Eva told them about The Mobile Hot Spot and they recognized our rig. 

The world was very small today.  I like days like that.