Mega Mega Poo Stack (Exit Glacier)

Written by Kevin

Our trip to Seward and Exit Glacier

Jerr wanted to see Seward before we left and with our decision to try to make it to Idaho by the first part of August it was looking like it wasn't going to happen.  Seward sits at the end of a beautiful sea port surrounded by jagged snow covered mountains and glaciers.  It's a 2-ish hour drive from Anchorage to Seward.  We had stopped in to visit my cousin, Julie, and get some firewood for the sauna on Saturday evening.  It was a fantastic day with no clouds in the sky, full sun and a balmy Alaska 75-ish degrees.  We told Julie we had wanted to see Seward but it looked like time might not permit.  She told us to make a run for it. It's not that far and it's not very often you have a series of bluebird days there so make the most of it.  We decided to get up early Sunday morning and make the drive to take in the sights and sounds of Seward and capitalize on the nice weather.

We steamed at Little Campbell Lake Saturday night with some friends and former Utah residents.  We pulled out of the lake at around 11 PM (after the supposed 10 pm curfew we didn't see and managed to not get locked in by the gates or our car impounded as promised on the warning sign at the entrance). We drove to the home of my mother's former roommate and longtime friend Lanore Smith and her family in Anchorage.  She of course would not let us got to bed without catching up a bit (telling the Denali summit story) and feeding us a full meal (of which Jerr could have none due to gluten).  So we didn't get to bed until around 1 am, but we were still determined to see Seward. 

We got up and left the Smith's at around 7:30 AM and headed west and south.  The drive went smooth and the beautiful sunny weather continued almost all the way.  About 5 miles before Seward we hit low hanging fog, though the skies above were still clear and bright.  We headed to the small Mormon branch on the outskirts of town, missing our turn the first time, but eventually arriving and enjoying the companionship of many fellow itinerant people (lots of cruise ship workers) who had come to enjoy the town.  The services were nice, we talked to a few people then headed out to see the town and hike Exit Glacier.  

By the time we got to town the fog had cleared a bit and we were able to enjoy the atmosphere of fish and tourists.  While we were driving Jerr and I started talking about a potential river trip we both thought our parents might enjoy in Idaho.  For one reason or another (you never remember why these things happen after the fact) I got into a bad mood and said a few things that hurt Jerr's feelings and set her off.  My bad mood was short lived and I was feeling better by the time we had left downtown and were pulling in to the national park where Exit Glacier is located, one of the very few free national parks.  But my comments had made a more lasting impact on Jerr and she was still feeling "poopy."  

This video was shot at the end of the glacier view path.  We both misread the sign at the base of the hike thinking the legend had a distance marker of "1" mile - it was actually ".1" miles, so the hike/jog was much shorter than we anticipated.  The path and the road into the park show markers of where the glacier has been historically and I make reference to the signs in the video.  This is uncut for authenticity and gives a taste of what it's like living in a small space and getting under each other's skin from time to time.  Jerr made up the term of endearment "poo stack" in the past and has used it from time to time, especially when she's feeling frustrated with me.