Sic Air Jerr

Written by Jerrica

We took our mountain bikes to Government Peak for some fun biking in bear country.  There had been some bear activity the very day we were there and I, of course, was scared out of my mind and Kevin, of course, was excited to finally meet a bear in Alaska.  Lucky for me and sadly for Kevin we didn't run into any person or bear on the trail. 

Towards the bottom of the trail we went off a fun jump.  I felt brave and hit the jump faster than I usually would and felt my tires come off the dirt.  Kevin was ahead of me and asked if I went off the jump.  He didn't believe me when I said I had, and I told him I'd do it again for him so he could see it with his own eyes.

We circled back around to the jump and we each went off it again while the other one filmed.  After going off the jump I truly thought to myself "Man... Kevin must be so proud of me for catching all that air and riding like a boss."

I was shocked when I saw the lame video of myself riding the jump. Did my tires even leave the ground? Was this the right footage? The camera must take away 3 feet of air.

Enjoy the embarrassing footage of me practically walking me bike off the jump.