Glacier National Park (Canada)

Written by Jerrica


Glacier National Park of Canada was a awesome surprise for us. Neither of us knew much (or anything) about this place.  We headed into Glacier on Saturday, August 19.  We wanted to raft and hike, so we decided to raft on Saturday because we felt like hiking was a more sabbath-appropriate activity.  We took our duckie on the Illecillewaet River (totally don’t know how to pronounce that).  We got an incredibly detailed river google maps from Apex Rafting Company, out of Revelstoke, BC.  

One of the bad things about rafting with just the two of us is the shuttle.  We only have one vehicle and long stretches of river make for a difficult shuttle.  Kev hitches rides when he can (I usually don’t feel comfortable hitching… call me a sissy) or one of us rides a bike.  This stretch of river was 26 kilometers, so it took quite a while.  Running the river also took a long time.  There were fun rapids in there, but we were both cold and ready to get off the river by the end.

We went to church the next day in Salmon Arm.  Nothing too eventful, other than the fact that Kev cleaned up, bathed, and shaved.  He was looking fresh for church.

We headed into Glacier National Park to hike the Hermit Trail after church.  This trail came highly recommended by another rafting company out of Golden, BC, Glacier Raft Company. 

This was a steep hike, but well worth the effort.  The views were stunning.  What was amazing was all the terrain there was to explore once you got to the top.  This was the type of hike that just made you feel small.  We ended up in a bowl surrounded by rugged peaks and views of glaciers.  I think this was just as, if not more, impressive than Glacier National Park of the U.S.  Sorry America… you can’t win them all.