Whitehorse, Yukon

Written by Kevin

When we went biking at Kinkeade park in Anchorage we were told that Whitehorse had some decent biking and that we should check it out on our way back.  When we crossed the border it was pretty late (3:00am) so when we pulled over to camp we knew we weren’t going to make it into Whitehorse very early in the day the next day.  It was around 5pm when we rolled into Whitehorse, and followed the trailfroks app up the hill to the Grey Mountain trails.  We settled on a loop that included B&S, Mad to the Max, Your Way, a connector trail, My Way, El Camino, then back up to the car.  

B&S was a really fun, but short, trail.  Big fat berms, little mini double style whoops, and lots of skinnies and teeter totters.  My skinny skills are not up to par after spending too little time on my bike lately, so many of my skinny rides were short lived.   In between 2 sets of skinnies was a very steep teeter totter.  It took me about 20 attempts to get up and over the feature, you had to go really fast to have enough momentum to get to the top and I kept instinctively tapping the brakes right before I my front tire hit the ramp.  It felt real rewarding to finally make it up and over the thing.  I had to try so many times to get over the thing that I lost that fear you get when your attempting a jump or trick that pushes your comfort limits.  The rest of the downhill trails were pretty fast, the kind of trail that you enjoy bombing down, but in the back of your mind you’re thinking about the work you’ll have to do to regain all the elevation.  My Way and El Camino were similar.  They were fun loamy style trails, but not very flowy.  There were several spots that weren’t very friendly for wide bars and you could see all the battle wounds on the trees where bars hadn’t made it through the gaps.  There were some pretty killer views to be had along the trails.  There are lakes, rivers (the Yukon) hills, mountains, and a thick lush forest to enjoy along with a northern sunset.

We made the grind back up to the car and got the drone out for some Yukon footy.  I managed to crash the drone into a tree, but it managed to land on its feet.  I think the drone props are getting a little beat up.  It’s lilting to the left when it sits idle and you have to compensate.  Despite the crash the drone survives and flies again, although it wasn’t working on July 31 when I tried to get some roadside footy of a sow and cub black bear outside of Ft Nelson.  

After the ride we drove into town, got some gas, and headed for the church to set up camp and be ready to hit the services in the morning.  When we pulled into our spot we realized that one of the locks on our door was missing on the sauna.  Jerr thought she had seen or heard something fall off when we were driving through town, so we unhooked the trailer, hauled out the kitchen, and I stayed to cook dinner while Jerr went to see if she could find the lock.  Wouldn’t you know it, sure enough she found it.  We cooked up a dinner of GF pasta and Salmon and chilled out - or tried to chill out - for the evening.  In the midst of the dinner prep another traveling rig pulled into the church parking lot.  It turned out to be a family that has been traveling for a year with 6 kids (www.slobrood.com)  One of the kids and the dad popped over and chatted while we cooked.  

In the morning we got up about an hour before church, did the camping-style church prep and went to church with a few other traveling families and a nice local crew.  Services were solid and we enjoyed a little post church wifi, a lunch of eggs and quesadillas and hit the road around 3 pm.  Whitehorse was good to us.  We had a little rain when we rolled in, but biking, camping, churching and cooking were all dry and sunny.  The church sits pretty close to the banks of the Yukon river and we were going to fire up the sauna and jump in the river but it was too late Saturday night so no iconic Yukon river dip for us this time around.