Why a Sauna?

Why not?

Okay really. We knew that if we took a year off to live in our van, we would want to take our raft, duckie, and bikes with us. All this gear was too much to fit in/on a van for a year, so we bought a 6'x12' trailer to pull behind the van.

About a year before we left on our adventure, Kevin was unloading some equipment from the trailer.  In the dead heat of the summer, he sweat his way through the job and thought, "Man, it feels like a sauna in here!"

That's when the lightbulb went off.

If we were pulling the trailer behind us for a year anyway, why not make it dual purpose?

We finished making the sauna in February of 2017 and took the whole rig for its inaugural trip to Ouray, Colorado for some ice climbing. We hauled 8 people with all their gear in one Mobile Hot Spot. Success.